Parent Leadership Institute


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SSD Parent Leadership Institute: A Life-Changing Experience!

2017 Dates: September 9, October 7 and November 4

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Three Saturdays in the Fall can bring you all of this:

A vision for the future of your child.

Knowledge to help you to effectively participate in your child’s education.

Leadership skills to improve the educational climate for all children.

Access to new resources, new friends and experts to help you on your journey.

What parents say about PLI:

*It has helped me (and my husband) to make more informed decisions for our son. I think we will be better advocates for him as a result of this class.

*Without Parent Leadership Institute we would still be desperately looking for the system to “fix” my child instead of understanding that my child doesn’t need “fixed” - he just needs to be allowed to be himself. PLI made me realize that normal, everyday activities with everyday peers are what will really make a difference for my child.

*I have a newly expanded network of knowledgeable and supportive parents and friends on whom I can call with any kind of SSD/special education related question.

What is the SSD Parent Leadership Institute?

The SSD Parent Leadership Institute is presented by the SSD Parent Education Program with funding from the Special Education Foundation. During three Saturdays in the Fall, parents of children with disabilities will develop a vision for their child's future, learn to be effective partners with the school in planning for their child's education and develop leadership skills that will benefit their child's school and community. The program features nationally known speakers and visionaries on developing self-determination in children with disabilities.

The SSD Parent Leadership Institute will be held on September 10, October 8 and November 12, 2016, from 8:30-3:30. At least one parent from each St. Louis County district and each SSD school will be chosen through an application process. All parents are welcome to apply. Parents of children receiving First Steps and early childhood special education services and those with children in kindergarten through third grade are especially encouraged. Transportation and respite care will not be provided, but referrals to resources are available.

Participant Expectations:

*Attend each of the three Institute dates

*Attend one Fall meeting of the Special School District Parent Advisory Council (SSD PAC)

*Agree to provide service leadership within their school district and/or community following the Institute

*Identify and develop a project that could benefit your school community

For more information, contact Debra Fiasco, dmfiasco@ssdmo.org; 314-989-8108