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    The FCRC is a clearinghouse of information and referral for parents, students, teachers and other professionals and community members. The FCRC contains resources on all disabilities and disability-related areas:

    • 3,500 books, 250 DVDs available for check out - may be sent through school mail. To view breakout lists of books and DVDs by topic in the Family & Community Resource Center, please visit Breakout Lists of Books and DVD's by Topic in the SSD Family and Community Resource Center

    • 35 notebook binders filled with hundreds of “take-along” articles are available in the center

    • 45 resource packets with articles for the most requested topics such as advocacy, Asperger syndrome, attention deficit disorder, autism, behavior strategies, depression, friendship/social skills, homework strategies, inclusive education, learning disabilities, parenting strategies, positive behavior support, post secondary, reading, recreation, siblings, technology, transition and more. To dowloand a order form or view packets online, please visit Resource Packets

    Brochures to assist parents and teachers in accessing resources with information about training and support services, books, videos, informational packets, local agency and district contacts. Several brochures are disability-specific for parents; one provides information for a parent whose child does not qualify for services, another explains to the student why he or she is being tested and one provides general information for teachers. To dowloand a order form or view packets online, please visit Brochures

    • Agency pamphlets

    Translated Materials (link)

    • IEP Preparation and Participation Form for Families - download it, fill it out and take it with you to your child's next meeting IEP Preparation and Participation Form for Families

    Parent Handbook

    Section 1 - Overview of SSD and the Special Education Process

    Download file "Sec I Overvw 2015.pdf"

    Section 2 - The Evaluation Process

    Download file "Sec II Eval 2015.pdf"

    Section 3 - IEP

    Download file "Sec III IEP sept15.pdf"

    Section 4 - Disability Categories, Eligibility Criteria and Resources

    Download file "Sec IV autism.pdf"

    Download file "Sec IV blind-visually impaired.pdf"

    Download file "Sec IV deaf-blind.pdf"

    Download file "Sec IV deaf-hard-of-hearing.pdf"

    Download file "Sec IV emotional.pdf"

    Download file "Sec IV intellectual.pdf"

    Download file "Sec IV multiply disabled.pdf"

    Download file "Sec IV orthopedic.pdf"

    Download file "Sec IV other health impairment.pdf"

    Download file "Sec IV specific learning disabilities.pdf"

    Download file "Sec IV speech or language.pdf"

    Download file "Sec IV traumatic brain injury.pdf"

    Download file "Sec IV young child with a developmental delay.pdf"

    Section 5 - Transition

    Download file "Sec V  Trans 2015.pdf"

    Section 6 - Resources

    Download file "Sec VI - Resources 2015.pdf"

    Section 7 - Glossary & Acronyms

    Download file "Sec VII glossary.acronyms 2015.pdf"